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Trend Beauty is an online store of OZON TREND company

 Commercial Registration No.: 5_330225

 Tax number: 6500143519

 Headquartered: Turkey, Istanbul

Because we love excellence and the individual, we created your Trend Beauty

store to be your gateway to excellence and uniqueness with items designed and manufactured with high quality and with a sophisticated design that matches and competes with the strength of international companies

Within a short period, praise be to God, our brands proved their presence in the market in terms of quality and competitive prices


Terms and Conditions

Our privacy policy introduces all users to the nature of the store’s handling of the data it needs from users, how the store uses that data and how it maintains that data until it becomes completely and completely safe in the store, and some important items that guarantee the rights of all parties in the store, and our privacy policy page includes the following items:

1- We need some personal data in order to be able to register in the store, and the data we need is such as your full name, email, mobile number, password.
2- We will ask you for some personal data if:-
A – We provide marketing offers for some important products to you.
B – You communicate with us by calling us.
C- Your dealings with the store for the purpose of purchasing from it.
3- We will request any other data in the event that it is necessary to request such data.

The responsibility to preserve your personal data lies with our store, and we use all measures that will provide the best protection for your personal data.

F- How does the user maintain his data in the store:-

In order for the user to be able to maintain his personal data safely in our store, he must not provide anyone with sensitive information about his account in our store so as not to cause him any harm.

Our terms and conditions page informs users of the store’s terms and conditions so that users follow these terms and avoid violating those terms and conditions,
Because violating the terms and conditions of the store exposes the violator to a ban from using the store.

Enjoy shopping with the below returns policy features:


 1- You have 4 days from the date of receiving any item to submit a return request.  The shipping costs will be borne by the buyer, provided that the product is intact, the product carton and all its accessories are intact, and after verification, the amount will be returned within 14 working days.

 2- If the item is defective, does not work properly, or does not match the description of the site, you have the right to return it within 9 days from the date of its receipt, and the price of the item will be refunded to you in addition to the shipping cost that you paid when



 3- The amount will be transferred within 14 working days


 Some frequently asked questions:

 Q: I received a defective/damaged product, can I get a refund?

 If the product you received is damaged or if it is defective, you can return the product within 9 days from the date of receipt, provided that it is in the same condition that you received it in with the original box intact and/or the packaging intact, once we receive the returned product, we will check it, and if any  If the product is defective or damaged, we will return the value of the paid product along with any shipping fees paid within one week from the date of your request to return the product.

1- To know your needs and work to meet those needs.
2- To notify you of changes or modifications made in the store.
3- To display some of the products that we think are suitable for you and that you would like to purchase.
4- We will contact you.
5- For any other reasons you need us to use your personal data.

1- Third parties cooperating with us may see your personal data, for example, shipping companies as a third party may see this data in order to deliver the product you purchased to the place you want, and also marketing companies can view your data in order to Presenting the right offers and products to you.
2- We may use your data in order to provide marketing offers, products and goods that you may want to purchase.
3- In order to protect your personal data, we may resort to providing third parties competent to protect your data or in order to provide the judicial authorities who wish to view your personal data for their own reasons.

The store has the full right to make modifications or changes to its privacy policy page at any time the store management deems it necessary to do so, and we will try to send notifications to users to inform them of any modifications or changes that have been implemented.

1- To maintain the integrity of the store from any damage and not do anything that would cause any damage to our store.
2- To inform us immediately in the event that something threatens his account in our store or that his password has been revealed by another person.
3- To provide all the guarantees required by our store in order to create a merchant account.
4- The management of our store may resort to amending or changing some of the conditions on our Terms and Conditions page at any time we deem it necessary to do so.
5- All parties are obligated to work to solve any problem in the store by amicable means, and if the problem is not solved by friendly means, then resort to the judicial authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to solve that problem.
6- Any person who does not agree to the terms and conditions of our store is not entitled to use the store or even its services.
7- Our store is not responsible for any damage to an existing user as a result of reasons beyond our control, for example, a malfunction in the store or the occurrence of a client scamming one of the users of the store by another user.

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